Purpose of Production Management System

The purpose of using Production Management System / Sales Management System / Inventory System would vary depending on each company.

For example,
・ Since ordering work is complicated, thet want to simplify it
・ You want to reduce excess inventory by linking inventory with production planning
・ You want to be able to track the progress against the production plan
and so on.

By the way, the target operations of the Production Management System are
·Orders received
·Production Progress management
·Inventory Control
·Lot Tracing
·Cost management

You should consider the below 2 difficulties when you start to use Production Management System.
(1) The scope is too large so that too many staffs work will be influenced
(2) Production Management medhods are not sames in each company, even among companies of which product are of the same category.

If you consider the above feature of Production Management System, you would easily understand that Production Management System would be easily falling to “Dead System”.


What is “Alive System”?

Now you come to the question “What is “Not Dead Production Management System”? , in other words, “Alive Production Management System”.

In my opinion, the answer is:
The system that is managing inventory correctly.

Here I hope you should unerstand that:
If Sales/Purchase/Production are not managed correctly, Inventory cannot be managed correctly, too.

In other words,
Inventory Management is just a result of Sales/Purchase/Production Management.

Therefore, if you cannot trust inventory data of your Production Management System, we think that your system is “Dead System”.

We continue to suscribe articles that would be helpful to make your system “Alive”.